Medicaid has always been complex.

Recent health reforms only add to the complexity. Mostly Medicaid training courses break subjects down into easily digested chunks. Our courses are designed for learners of all backgrounds – whether you are just now choosing a Medicaid career or are a seasoned professional. In addition to our existing catalog, Medicaid training courses and workshops can be tailored to your organization.


We save you years of the Medicaid industry learning curve by putting together the critical information you need in a way that helps you get up to speed fast. Could you learn all this stuff without a course? Sure. But it would take you years. Our experts have combined their experience and knowledge to get you going in a few hours.

Mostly Medicaid Training teams take a unique and industry-leading approach to design and development of all our courses. We call our method “The Power of Three’s.”
Research into human thought processes and learning behavior shows that humans prefer to organize information in sets of 3, regardless of the information type. Along these lines, we design all our training using 3 key principles:

  1. Simplify the structure of information as much as possible
  2. Use multiple modes for different learner styles
  3. Focus on engaging the learner with a refreshing approach to training and learning.


Online courses

You can take any of our online courses right here on this site. Check out the Course Catalog to see what is available. And check back often to see new courses.

Instructor-led courses, workshops and seminars

We also offer instructor-lead courses both online and in person. If you would like to learn more about these contact as using

Each of our instructor-led courses are tailored to your company and training cohort. Onsite courses are held on site at your location. All events are customized to your training needs and group

You can download our current instructor-led catalog.